Project Description

Mobile Asset Engine Hours Upload

Industry – Mining/Vehicle Fleet


Accuracy Monitoring


Days Saved P/A

ASX 50 company required engine date to be collected weekly from its 100+ trucks operating in mining environments in Australia and Indonesia.

The existing manual process required the data to be reported timely and accurately and uploaded to the ERP system for maintenance planning. Issues with compliance and accuracy impacted planning efficiencies.


  • Rather than focus on automation of the data upload to ERP we explored how to access data from point of use and eliminate all manual activity and risks of data accuracy and timeliness
  • Engine data was accessed leveraging RPA to access via API connection to the OEM truck performance  data system
  • The data for each truck was selected and uploaded directly into the ERP maintenance records


  • The solution eliminated work for site-based operators, supervisors and administration staff.  Time was utilised for other value adding activities. 150 days for operators, 41 days for administration personnel
  • The engine data was uploaded daily eliminating reporting errors and permitting more effective maintenance planning that was responsive to operating load changes. 24 days for maintenance planners


  • Accurate Asset monitoring—100% of vehicles targeted successfully automated for daily upload of data
  • Predictable Maintenance Forecasting— vehicles over servicing costs reduced
  • Customer Satisfaction—customers have live visibility of vehicles on their facilities through connecting the GPS tracking capabilities

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