Project Description

Media Publishing

Industry – Media


Days FTE Reduction


Additional Ads per month

Headquartered in Los Angeles, this Digital Media firm is a leader in the online marketing and customer acquisition business. The company’s websites generate nearly 10 million consumer referrals every year, ultimately driving more than $2 billion in annual client revenue.


  • RPA routines to automate the manual, repetitive process of extracting lead generation data from a number of source

  • Additional functionality included into the daily process to increase the monitoring of client outcomes and inform cross sell / up sell activities

  • Bringing forward operational reporting from mid-afternoon to early morning better informing operational decision making


  • Reduce the OPEX associated with the services

  • Improve the speed at which the process could be executed giving the business earlier insight into operational impacts

  • Allow FTE to be reassigned to other value driving activities on key accounts


  • The company saves nearly 300 man-hours per month, which in turn saves about $150,000.

  • As a direct result of this, the company is able to focus more of its time and resources on client success, launching 3,000 additional ads for one key publisher in a single month.

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