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Invoice Approval

Industry – Higher Education


Forecasted Savings


hrs Returned Annually

The COVID-19 health crisis has hit the higher education hard in Australia which rely on a significant overseas student population.

In the case of the client the crisis has acted as a catalyst to change. The University was previously a highly distributed business and their initial UiPath rollout has been against a backdrop of significant re-structuring, redundancy and process change

This has created some short term disruption to the programme but has also highlighted the role RPA has to play with the speed of implementation helping to add value – quickly.


  • The process itself was very new and as such not all business rules were “hardened” or even known in some cases.

  • We needed to ensure our working practices and solution Architecture allowed a degree of flexibility and extension to accommodate the gaps in process knowledge


  • Reduced Manual Effort

  • Elimination of errors

  • Improved supplier relationships


  • 33,000 Invoices Successfully processed

  • $148.5k p/a Forecasted savings

  • 4,125 hrs Returned annually

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