Project Description

Daily Work Order Alarm Analysis

Industry – Chemical Processing


Work orders per day


Hours Saved P/A

ASX 50 manufacturing company required an analysis of all daily maintenance work order requests relating to safety critical systems to align with standards for corrective action prioritisation. The work orders and incident reporting systems were on separate systems.

Over 3000 work orders are raised per day over 4 plants. All work orders are extracted based on safety categories and matched against safety reports.


  • RPA solution was designed to access the maintenance work order requests from ERP system and incident reporting systems.

  • Data analysed to match each entry against the daily safety reports

  • Report generated detailing exceptions where rectification dates did not match the standards

  • Developing an integrated IT solution was cost and time prohibitive – RPA solution was delivered in weeks


  • The task was so task was so labour intensive that it could not be completed cost effectively by human effort which would have required over 400 hours per annum

  • RPA allowed the task to be completed each morning before shift started to allow the engineers to plan their daily activity more effectively by providing focus to work orders not matched


  • Safety standard compliance for issue rectification improved

  • More time for engineers to spend on tools

  • Elimination of task

  • Allowed for forecast of problem areas from alarms, incidents and resolutions to prevent unplanned shutdowns & incidents

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