Project Description

Bulk Materials Transfer

Industry – Manufacturing/Logistics




Daily Transactions

A procurement initiative required a new process for a change of contract.  The change would require 2 additional part time resources to execute the administrative tasks to support a new process.

The change had a lead time of 7 days. RPA was considered as an alternative to additional manning.

The process supported the transfer and tracking of bulk materials  in containers from port to warehouse to point of use.


  • Developers engaged process stakeholders to map out a new process and identify the required data capture and processing

  • A mobile device solution was created to capture the containers being offloaded and transferred between various locations to track the product weights and movements

  • The data was being captured through a 3rd party & collated into a daily manifest, which was sent to the bots for processing

  • The bots processes each item against various rules for billing and processing through the ERP system


  • Then RPA solution was developed within 6 days with a 90% processing accuracy, which was improved to 98% within 1 month of operation.

  • The solution runs daily with a process load of 1,000+ transactions per month and eliminated the need to provide 0.5FTE resources at 2 locations.


  • Daily stock visibility, including location, volume and references provide accurate stock forecasting and billing for the client and 3rd party vendor was achieved

  • The solution managed the inventory movements within SAP for 4 inventory locations and cover the associated module transactions.

  • Proved that RPA can provide quick and fit for purpose solutions even where there is not an existing process

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