Project Description

Accounts Receivable

Industry – Healthcare


Daily claims


Reoccurring Write Off

Healius Pathology manually processes hundreds of millions of claims annually. These claims cover multiple clinical systems aligned to Business Units with dozens of provider systems/portals. The claims have different processing per Account type (Commercial, Bulk, Private, Health-fund).


  • Ingestion 0.5M of claims daily for processing

  • UiPath workflow implementation to validate claims and gather missing information using Human in the loop mechanism

  • Data preparation for submitting claims on Heath fund portals

  • UiPath process to submit claims on portal

  • Implementation of Rejection Triage using workflow management to define the correct allocation for reprocessing of claims

  • Claim tracking by processing statuses

  • Live Bi Dashboarding to provide insights on Revenue Leakage, Top Performing Health funds, Claim Tracking


  • The solution eliminated work to submit claims on Portals.

  • Significant workforce reduction by automating rejection processing

  • Visual Dashboards helped in achieving process efficiency and highlighting key aspects to higher management for decision making to minimise the financial risk and loss

  • Accurate Claim processing by reduced the data quality issues which significantly improved the rejection rate


  • Accurate and Fast Claim Processing —100% of NIB/Allianz claims are successfully submitted by the robot which drastically increased the timely payment originally from monthly to weekly

  • Process Improvement— Dashboarding to improve the bad debt provision of $1.1M and process improvement to overcome the gaps in system

  • Value Saved: $109K in write off – recurring

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