Opportunity Scan

Take the first step in understanding how robotics can transform your business today.

No catches, no tricks, no hidden costs – Enlift consultants will perform an opportunity scan over one of your candidate processes free of charge.

What you will receive

A written report that outlines the business case for Robotics including:

  • Operational cost savings
  • Likely error reduction rates
  • Benefits attributable to improved speed of process execution
  • Time and costs to implement you digital workforce
  • Software and hardware costs
  • Human enablement costs incl. training for your staff
  • Ongoing operational costs incl. human “process controllers”

How you will be involved in the process

In order to maximise the value of your opportunity scan there’s a few things you can get ready:

  • Any documentation you have for the process today
  • Existing benchmarks; time to execute, error rates…
  • We’ll need to see the process as it is run today – ideally a live walk through.


Put simply – you will have a clear view of how robotics can make a difference to your business.  Your assessment is your own to take out the market or to continue your discussion with Enlift.

Take a look at our implementation methods to learn more about the process to create your digital workforce.