What size is Enlift?2023-08-30T04:35:58+00:00

Our team is currently around 20 people and growing.   We focus only on Intelligent Automation and our mantra is to focus on quality and be the best provider in the region.  If you’re interested in a role with us drop us a line through our contact page https://enlift.com.au/contact-us/

Are robots and AI going to take over the world?2023-08-30T04:35:20+00:00

We already have – you just haven’t realised it yet

What is “Intelligent” Automation?2023-08-30T04:34:22+00:00

The automation industry has moved on quickly.  The “early” days of automation centred on automating simple repetitive tasks that humans got stuck with – only very consistent, rules driven processes could be automated.  This is referred to as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  Advances in technology now allows us to read a wide variety of documents (OCR), to consistently and accurately replicate human decision making (ML), to be able to effectively engage with people in natural language (NLP & Chatbots) and to enhance the human interactions in a process through workflow and improved controls.  When you combine those capabilities with RPA you get what is commonly referred to as Intelligent Automation.

Where are you based?2023-08-30T04:29:54+00:00

We are an Australian business and have offices in NSW, QLD and VIC

What does Enlift do?2023-08-30T04:28:55+00:00

We are a consulting firm which provides specialist professional services to implement a set of technologies to automate a business processes.  We also provide managed services to help our customers run the technology on a day to day basis.

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