Enlift is an Australian Consultancy specialising in intelligent automation and delivering change through technology.

Founded in 2017, our mission is to have a positive and dramatic impact on the people we work with, to drive the automation market forward and inspire our clients and partners to achieve more…

Our Services

Process Mining & Analysis

Process mining’s utilises powerful algorithms and advanced data transformation helping you discover ways to optimizing your processes.

Process mining transforms and analyses this data, providing visualisations and insights.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation connects technologies such as Robotics, Internet of things, Machine learning and AI and so many more to create transformation and improve the way things are done.

Utilising robotics and other emerging technologies to create a digital workforce. Automating tasks through software to free up your valuable time.

Document Classification & OCR

Utilising advanced classification technologies such as image recognition, natural language and optical character recognition to help digitise and eliminate paper trails.

Managed Service & Support Helpdesk

The Enlift Service Desk provides a cloud based platform to allow for the submission and tracking of Support tasks for clients.

The Enlift Service Desk collates metadata regarding tasks to support internal and periodic client reporting, and allows integration with existing client service desk solutions.

Machine Learning

Utilising advanced algorithms to analyse data and provide specialised outcomes and analysis. Our machine learning models learn through experience to arrive at decisions based on data

Unlock the power of your data

Our Partners

Our Solutions

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