Enlift is an Australian Consultancy specialising in intelligent automation and delivering change through technology.

Founded in 2017, our mission is to have a positive and dramatic impact on the people we work with, to drive the automation market forward and inspire our clients and partners to achieve more…

Our Solutions

AI & Machine Learning

Applying algorithms to consistently and accurately replicate human decision making (ML), to interpret and understand natural language (NLP) and to uncover hidden insights and opportunities from data and the execution of processes.

Managed Services & Support

Enlift Service Desk offers a cloud-based platform for seamless support submission and tracking through the entire lifecycle of automation operations and can be integrated with your internal helpdesk systems.  Self-service reporting and access to knowledge assets is part of our offering along with access to your own dedicated account manager

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation blends technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ML, Chatbots, Document Understanding and Workflow to open up use cases for automation that traditional repetitive, rules based automation alone can’t enable. Far more is achievable than most people realise…

Process Mining & Data Analytics

Process mining allows you to create interactive maps of how your process are really working – What are the bottlenecks in time and volume? Which teams are performing well?  When and how are processes deviating from the standard approach?

Document Understanding & OCR

Utilising advanced classification and recognition technologies to consistently read and understand many different types of documents including invoices, contracts & tax statements.  Changes to document formats can be automatically allowed for and new types of documents are easily added eliminating human transcription.

What Our Clients Say

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